Cindy Moser

For as long as I can remember my favourite things have been crayons, paper, scissors and, glue.  I was (am) always happiest “making something”.
Both my grandmothers were very creative and influenced me a great deal, teaching me to embroider, and knit, among other things.  I continued to make things learning how to bead, spin, weave, felt, mosaic and make stained glass.

Anything where I could “play with colour”.

I have always wanted to paint and love the ever evolving journey it is taking me on.  I like both representational and abstract styles and enjoying exploring all mediums.
My inspiration is nature, my garden and the beauty in everyday life.

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moser_Dave's Beach

moser_Garden Queens

moser_Autumn Shine Duo moser_Gaudi's Shadows
moser_Who's The New Guy moser_Over The Serpentine
Rocks In My Garden moser_Meme
moser_Pruple Crow moser_The Root Fence
moser_Sit Down moser_Sproing