Eileen Gidman

Eileen Gidman loved her 20 year nursing career but her lifelong interest in art had her heading for the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver during her forties to complete a Fine Arts Certificate over several years. With the confidence gained from this experience and the encouragement of her husband, Gidman turned to art full-time.
As a life long learner, her art career has not been static but watercolour has been a consistent medium throughout.  A love of the outdoors combined with a desire to create has Eileen plein air painting often. A three day hiking trip to the  BC alpine recently resulted in painting and sketching mountain goats on location! For this artist, life doesn’t get much better than that.
Eileen has also combined her interest in painting with her love of textiles. Experimenting for years with techniques for painting on fabric with thickened dyes has resulted in works of art suitable for framing or as wearable art.
Sharing what she knows is something Eileen has done throughout her life from coaching gymnastics as a young adult, to teaching Resident Care Attendants at the College of the Rockies, to currently teaching watercolour painting and painting with dyes. Using the group processes to empower the participants is one of the main goals of her workshops. Similarly, blogging has become a way for Eileen to share her art experience  but with a wider audience.  Connect with Eileen through her blog at eileengidman.blogspot.com.
Along with maturity often comes a desire to speak one’s mind. Painting several paintings with a similar theme has allowed Eileen to make statements on issues important to her. The painting ‘Everyday Clothesline’ was recently commission in order to be presented the Ministry of Energy, Natural Gas and Mining at an Awards ceremony for Energy Conservation. Never having owned a dryer speaks of Eileen’s own concerns for resource management.
Find out more about Eileen and her work at:
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•    http://eileengidman.blogspot.com/
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Gidman_Watercolour-Towels Gidman_Watercolour-Everyday-Clothesline
Gidman_Watercolour-Cascade Gidman_Watercolour-Burano,-Venice
Gidman_Watercolour-Alley-View Gidman_Watercolour-Alberta-Wheat-Pool
Gidman_Watercolour-Arctic-Cotton-Grass Gidman_Montage-Summer-Memories
Gidman_Montage-Scarlet-Study Gidman_Dye-Painted-Textile--Prairie-Home
Gidman_Dye-Painted-Textile-Polar-Bear-Walk Gidman_Dye-Painted-Textile-Dorothy's-Giants