Helena Edmison

I was born in Holland and immigrated to Canada, with my parents, at the age of 4.
I have always had a passion for the visual arts. Starting at a very early age drawing and painting was a very favourite pastime.  As I got older, I took a number of workshops in different mediums, oils, pastels, watercolours, and pen and ink.
For a number of years I was unable to spend as much time as I would have liked. Raising a family, and working outside the home took up most of my time.
Deciding to get back to painting after 25 years, I took an acrylics for beginners workshop and was hooked. I‘ve discovered acrylics and have a passion for recreating the vivid and wonderful colours of nature.
Landscapes are my forte, but I am continuing to expand my work with different applications and methods of painting.
I have participated in the local art walk and in a non-juried show at our local gallery.

I can be contacted at hiedmison@gmail.com

HelenaEdmison,A Walk in the Park,Acrylic,11x14 copy EdmisonHelena,Waves,10x10,Acrylic,$135
EdmisonHelena,Sunflower,20x16 EdmisonHelena,Privacy,20x16,Acrylic
HelenaEdmison,IcebergSeason,Acrylic,20x16 HelenaEdmison,TheFish-Shack,Acrylic,24x18
HelenaEdmison,Sunset,Acrylic,14'x11' HelenaEdmison,Thebirches,Acrylic,16x20