Karan Bowyer

header-treesAfter completing my science degree at UBC, I went on to Sheridan College to study traditional technical illustration. It was a highly tumultuous time in the illustration field with the advent of computers and digital production. During my first few years, work was done with a strange mix of old school techniques and new technology. Computers were evolving in their capacity and speed faster than most people were comfortable with and it took constant effort to learn new things as they came into being.
As software improved, I used traditional tools less and less until everything that I drew or designed was done on screen. I spent 15 years focused on type and illustration for communication and learning which needs to be accurate, yet simplified for the purposes of teaching. I have only in the last few years taken out my brushes and reconnected with my craft. I still use a computer or tablet to plan out my paintings and then execute the final piece with either oil or pastel.

I still produce totally digital work which is used now in e-learning instead of printed training manuals. Techniques now usually involve digital manipulation of photos, animation of simple drawings and the creative use of type. I still love typography and feel that instead of the art dying, it has a new lease with digital publishing. The printed word can still be beautiful.

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Some examples of my digital and traditional work are below:

illustration for teaching_2 examples 3 [Converted]
drab to FAB halloween-illustration_build_house
eating-disorder-full-size philly ill
music-illustration lake-study_oil
oil-study_bridge_1 illustration,-digital-painting-for-book-08

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digital art challengeto this…….DAOK Photoshop challenge